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I entered the AHEPA emergency department due to a retinal tear with a risk of blindness. Even though that day Mr. Dervenis had back-to-back surgeries, he put me in the surgery at 10 o'clock at night, understanding the seriousness of the situation. He operated on me for 2.30 hours and completely restored my vision so that I can see 10/10, which is a rare result. The least I can say is a big thank you.
Alex VasAlex Vas
07:12 17 Jun 23
Excellent doctor, qualified, with empathy for his patient's problem.
Christina VezyroglouChristina Vezyroglou
22:55 03 Aug 22
Excellent scientist and always available for the patient!He gave me a detailed examination as he provided a solution to the problem that was bothering me so much. I highly recommend him!
Ε ΣαμαράΕ Σαμαρά
14:08 18 Feb 22
Excellent scientist with many years of expertise in internationally renowned hospitals abroad. The clinic is in a very central part of Thessaloniki, in a very pleasant and modern space with state-of-the-art equipment. He is an excellent ophthalmic surgeon and a person who knows how to listen and deal with the patient. The examination was thorough. The doctor was able to diagnose a finding that no eye doctor had told me about before. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants the best for their health!
An outstanding scientist and man. Highly qualified and fully capable of dealing with the problem you are concerned with...
Stavros MavromatisStavros Mavromatis
14:55 04 Jan 22
After my son's recommendation and personally knowing Mr. Dervenis since childhood, I went twice so far for an examination at his place. I found him very good, calm and detailed. The exam was very thorough and he was in no rush to complete it.We discussed my queries and he was helpful and very understanding. I was completely satisfied and I recommend you to visit him for examination or discussion of any matter.

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