The Clinics


The ophthalmology clinic in Thessaloniki is located in the heart of the city’s historic center, 69 Mitropoleos Street (opposite the Metropolitan Cathedral of Thessaloniki). Its central location favors access by public transport while there are multiple paid parking options in the surrounding area.

For the clinic’s setup, emphasis was given on a simple and modern design that helps the patient and guest to feel comfortable, while being equipped with the most modern ophthalmological equipment to enable the provision of high quality ophthalmological services.

Tyrnavos / Larissa

The ophthalmology clinic in Tyrnavos, Larissa is located in a specially designed area at the entrance of the city of Tyrnavos from Larissa, next to the historic bridge of the city of Tyrnavos. Access to it is easy from both the city of Tyrnavos and the city of Larissa (15 minutes from the center of Larissa). Parking on the streets around the clinic is also easy and free.

The clinic is characterized by its modern aesthetics that creates a comfortable environment for the patient and guest, while being equipped with state-of-the-art ophthalmological equipment that enables the provision of high quality ophthalmological services.